Ghatiana splendida in situ habitat shot on a laterite plateau Chakul Amboli Arjun Kamdar

Newly discovered purple, pink and orange crabs of the Western Ghats 2016

An insight into the newly discovered crabs of Western Ghats; read more to see our journey to discovering these incredibly diverse and distinct species; such as the largely arboreal purple tree crabs and the electric pink and vermillion crabs found in laterite crevasses on a windy plateau!
A leopard in satpura national park India

How humans and leopards live alongside each other in Mumbai

Mumbai has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world (~21/100 sq km) in Mumbai, read more to find out how they coexist in harmony. New research and implemented conservation projects suggest throw light on the elusive behaviour of these big cats in India’s busiest city.